Sunday, March 02, 2008

Is Chynge A-Comin?

Weil is it no a whilie sin I postit here! There a fair bittie gaun on in the Scots warld for us tae catch up on. The Scots Govrenment has decidit tae haud an audit o provision for the language. There no muckle information at the link, but the maist encouragin bit for onybody that's interestit in Scots is this:

Research is therefore required to ... identify potential opportunities to expand provision, either as part of, or in addition to, the manifesto commitments the Scottish Government has given for Scots.

We'll hae tae wait an see whit comes o yon. Hit will be the first Govrenmental research intae the state o Scots that I ken o, and it comes efter the Meinister for Schuils and Skeels, Maureen Watt, telt a meetin o the Cross-Pairty Group on Scots that there nae siller for a Macpherson report for Scots.

Forby the audit, whit comes fae the office o the Meinister for Europe, External Affairs and Culture, the Maureen Watt, wis writin in the Sunday Herald a week or twa syne that schuilbairns shuid hae the chance tae learn Scots: It is important that Scots is considered no less valuable than other languages.

Through the Curriculum for Excellence, we want to ensure pupils are exposed to the literature and languages of Scotland by teachers using relevant, real-life and enjoyable resources. ...

the Scottish government is committed to promoting and developing the use of the Scots language - where better to start than in our schools?

Now is the time for the children of Scotland to rediscover Scots.

Shairly aabody that cares aboot Scots will welcome thae words.

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