Monday, March 03, 2008

Doric Film has a Wabsite

A whilie syne, I blogged aboot The Scotsman's report o a Doric film, "One Day Removals", bein shot. Weil, there nou a wabsite for the film, wi picters, a synopsis and links tae reviews. There no a trailer yet, but hit's comin soon. The feinishin date is this month and, gin ye believe the Daily Record (there a quaistion for ye!), "One Day Removals" will brak aa records for the yiss o the F word in a Scottish film.

Looks like the film is a black comedy. There naething wrang wi that avaa, but it'd be guid tae hae some serious film drama that's aa in Scots nou and then. Comedy is braw an aa. We seem tae be guid at it in Scotland, but the feck o Scots ower aften thinks on their ain langage as bein funny in itsel, whit isnae richt. Fowk needs tae hear it in ither settins tae see whit it can dae.

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