Monday, November 06, 2006

Scots Language Centre

The Scots Language Centre's new wabsite is nou online. It's a braw-lookin steid wi news, info anent the Scots leid an Scots-relatit ongauns, forby about the SLC itsel. Yin o the best pairts o the site is the "Scots roon the country" section, whaur a bodie can no juist fin out about Scots but hear the soun o it forby. Yon's aye gettin biggit, airt by airt, but there braw stuff tae hear aaready.
Awa back in August, The Herald haed an airticle anent Scots wi an interview wi the SLC's director, Michael Hance, an Matthew Fitt fae Itchy Coo. It's a guid read.