Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pod Poetry

The answer tae the quaistions in Friday's post drappit throu ma door on Saiturday forenuin when the Scottish Poetry Library's annual report arrivit. Unner the headin "The Collection" wis the follaein:
Some of the dupilcate items from the core collection have found happy homes in our new outreach - or smaller "pod" collections. June saw the launch of a pod comprising twenty titles in or neighbouring Starbucks. This poetry bookshelf is accompanied by poem excerpts painted on walls and a poem of the month, and is proving popular with customers looking for some inspiration with their espressos.
It maun be the fowk at the SPL that wailit the excerpts on the wa. They aye hae been gey creative wi whit wey they gie a hame tae aw the books in their ingaitherin. Yon pod idea is jist anither step in the yae airt.

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