Friday, April 27, 2007

Inform Yersel!

It's gettin a bittie near the Scottish Pairlament elections tae be postin sic a link as this yin, but a Scottish voter (or onybody, for that maitter) that's interestit in culture cuid dae waur nor look at the Scots Language Centre's election pages. They contain details no juist o the pairties'* policies anent the Scots language, but o whit they hae proponit anent cultural policy. The information is tae haun in English and Scots.

* Namely, the Scottish Labour Pairty, the Scottish National Pairty, the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Pairty, the Scottish Liberal Democrats, the Scottish Green Pairty, the Scottish Socialist Pairty, the Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Pairty and Solidarity Scotland.

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